Ginger Gordon

A Wavering Line

Someone once told me it only takes a difference of ten degrees in temperature to change the entire course of the day. 

I work with objects in collaboration with space, focusing on the intangible meeting point between visibility and invisibility. 

Propelled by coincidence and temporal shifts, the transitory, the fragmented, and the found are all welcome, as are the methodologies of the Surrealists and Cubists. Born from a combination of fortuity and planning, curated fragment collages coalesce to represent acts of chance in three dimensions. Balanced forms weave and sway as small portholes direct a view. Form follows chance.


A Wavering Line Mobile is made of balanced bent steel and framed stained glass.

A Wavering Line Mobile

Stained glass and steel


A mobile is a dichotomy of chance and planning. Its nature is to move and sway in patterns of seemingly random movement. However, balance is key to this object’s ability to persist. It is but the environment, its visible and invisible frequencies, that allow us to experience the object in its unique form, light, and movement.  A mobile should meet the wind, the sun, and reflect nature back to us. This object of movement and light requires its environment to be its equal in planned chance. Placed above a crib we understand the object in its purest form. Opening the mind to new possibilities, developing stories through its ever shifting forms. Made of stained glass and steel, shifting and swaying allows for new facets to be revealed. Distorted views of our surroundings allow for new reflections of our own environment. Disrupting perception and revealing new perspectives.

Delicate, balanced, and glimmering.