Bláithín Haddad

Liminal Beings

Q: Do you feel like you belong here? 

Family Member A: I don’t really have a country because I can’t really call America my country, I can’t call Ireland my country, and I have been gone from Jamaica for so long I would have trouble fitting in, so I just exist here in this country. But you can do that in this country. You don’t have to get involved. 

Family Member C: A lot of the things that happen here I didn’t grow up with and wouldn't be my social thing to do. 

Family Member A: Too many things that were different for me. I prefer another culture that is similar; that is why I liked Ireland. It is not the same, but there are more similarities than there are here 

Family Member D: I’ve felt displacement because I was all over the place living with different family members and that was not nice. 

Family Member A: It was maybe a bit unfair to you all because we never really socialised or became mainstream Americans, which probably made you guys uncomfortable with being Americans. 

Family Member C: I don’t think any of our family are mainstream Americans. 

Family Member A: They appreciate what they have, but they don’t forget where they came from and treasure that.