Lauren Blonde

Room to Grieve:

A Booth for Two

This thesis seeks to understand spaces of exchange - their volumes, textures, relational positioning - as architectural units, and develop a typology of space dedicated to grief and connection. A place where we can go to be alone, or with another, to experience spontaneous reprieve. Learning from existing forms of spaces for 2, this thesis reclaims space in the buildings where we learn, work, and pass the hours alone in proximity, for grief. 

In its construction, this booth  resembles its relatives, and will find a home within the BEB. As an unprogrammed space, only loosely defined for two, the booth is a platform to explore ideas of rituals of grieve, how the body responds to proximity with architectural form and other people, and will allow space to linger in our most human moments - to be vulnerable and find solace through the volume of connection. 


/Image%20of%20deconstructed%20walls%20that%20make%20up%20the%20thesis%20booth%20-%20made%20of%20wood%20and%20cloth%2C%20with%20a%20wooden%20chair%20in%20front /Closely%20cropped%20image%20through%20a%20slightly%20open%20door%20into%20the%20seat%20in%20the%20booth /Image%20of%20constructor%20walking%20into%20booth%20to%20a%20chair /Close-Up%20View%20of%20the%20dividing%20screen%20between%20the%20two%20sides%20of%20the%20booth%20-%20made%20from%20Burlap%20and%20Wood /Image%20of%20a%20hand%20sliding%20open%20the%20dividing%20screen /Small%20gray%20zine%20explaining%20the%20purpose%20of%20the%20thesis%20booth%20and%20the%20plan%20of%20action%20for%20development /Woman%20holding%20cardboard%20video-projection%20box%20over%20her%20head


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