Samyuktha Sam

The Garden of Maya

An Immersive Speculation of a Post-Singularity Future

We stand on the brink of monumental shifts, driven by rapid AI advancements. My work bridges the reality and narrative of this change, inviting designers, futurists, and the community to shape and build the future.

Through speculative design, I spark dialogue about future possibilities, challenge the status quo, and envision transformative ideas. My piece is a call to action, urging us to become active participants in creating our future. Embracing imagination, I aim to critique and redefine our world, fostering a collaborative vision of potential realities.

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) or Singularity refers to a type of artificial intelligence that has the ability to understand, learn, and apply knowledge, much like human intelligence. AGI remains a highly theoretical and speculative area, with numerous technical and ethical challenges but that does not stop us from imagining and challenging such a future right now.

As we approach this new frontier, it's crucial to engage in thoughtful consideration of how AGI will not only enhance our capabilities but also challenge our core human values and societal norms. The future with AGI could lead us into an era of unparalleled prosperity and innovation, but it also necessitates a deep reflection

The question I have is "what does it mean to live in a world where our intelligence is no longer solely our own?"


Abstract golden egg with a horizontal and vertical texture over it.

The gardens golden egg. 

What will Artificial General Intelligence Change? 
What will it not?

In my exploration of artificial general intelligence, I aim to transcend the one-dimensional narrative that we currently see that predominantly focuses on its impact on jobs, transportation, and healthcare. I want to delve deeper into the softer, more human aspects of life. I seek to speculate how it will redefining the very essence of the human experience.

In my exploration I focused on the 4 human ideals, I believe to be the foundations of life— that being Community, Love, Trust and Memory


A yellow square with a qr code in the middle of it. The 4 corners of the diamond each have the words Love, Memory, Community and Trust

The values that this speculative exploration is delving into. 

Taking inspiration from what I believe to be the most intelligence source of energy, information and life I took to the natural world to create an augmented world that tells you stories about how AGI will change our world.

Preview of the Garden of Maya. 

1. Get into a room with sufficient space to walk around and turn the volume up on your phone 
2.⁠ Scan the QR code and wait for the scene to load (stay patient and hang in there with me) 
3.⁠ ⁠Press continue, move your phone around to find floor space and place the scene and wait for the introductory narration to get over 
4.⁠ ⁠Click on a flower JUST ONCE and wait for the flower to finish it’s story. 
5.⁠ ⁠Walk around, get closer to the flowers and tap on them to hear what they have to say.
6.⁠ ⁠Look for the golden egg floating above you and click on it and drop a comment on the web page. Tell me how you think Artificial General Intelligence will change the future in terms of Love, Community, Trust and Memory.


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