Pablo Ejarque-GonzAlez

Function Follows Material

Dear Designer,

How often do we find ourselves lost in the design process, unsure of the next steps? It’s tempting to view every aspect of design as a problem needing a solution. However, function is not a problem. For a long time, I approached design from a problem-solving perspective, treating material as a secondary consideration after the idea had already formed. This approach needed to change.

This book is a journey—a map of material exploration. It is an embrace of experimentation and innate curiosity. Many of the experiments conducted did not culminate in finished furniture pieces, yet this does not trouble me. Instead, this book serves as a manual for material activation, showcasing how some experiments evolved into furniture, highlighting the transformative power of material exploration.
I hope you find joy in this process and in the furniture that emerges from it.



/Furniture%20pieces%20made%20of%20copper%20%26%20Charcool%20biomaterial%20%28invented%20by%20Isabela%20chan%20%26%20Pablo%20Ejarque-Gonz%C3%A1lez%29 /Side%20Table /Wall%20sconces%20made%20of%20hot%20casted%20glass%2C%20brass%2C%20plexiglass%20%26%20LED /Wall%20sconce%20made%20of%20hot%20casted%20glass%2C%20brass%2C%20plexiglass%20%26%20LED /Mirror%20made%20of%20sheepskin%20%26%20plexiglass /Table%20Lamp%20made%20of%20ash%2C%20cherry%2C%20brass%2C%20lightbulb%20and%20Charcool%20Biomaterial%20%28invented%20by%20Isabela%20chan%20%26%20Pablo%20Ejarque-Gonz%C3%A1lez%29%20 /Table%20Lamps%20made%20of%20glassblown%20glass%2C%20beech%2C%20cherry%20and%20lightbulb. /Detail%20of%20Table%20Lamps%20made%20of%20glassblown%20glass%2C%20beech%2C%20cherry%20and%20lightbulb.


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