Michelle Belgrod

Graphic Desire

Before I knew about design, I knew about desire. A desire for the new, the beautiful, the promising. A desire that lives on a surplus of surfaces. On packaging, social media, on websites. A desire that makes the job of a graphic designer an object of desire itself. A practice that prioritizes aesthetics over meaning. Expectations over reality. In Graphic Desire, I reorient my relationship with the insatiable force of desire. I try to slow down and work backwards from what I want to why I want. What I make to why I make. I reflect on my process in small publications. I retool branded forms to expose and question the marketing techniques that capitalize off our needs and wants. I give form to narratives that interpolate between the perspectives of a consumer and designer. I confront my own role in constructing desire through self-awareness and humor.


/Contribution%20to%20a%20collaborative%20publication%20featuring%20collaged%20images%20and%20text /Contribution%20to%20collaborative%20publication%20featuring%20expressive%20type /Dingbat%20typeface%20that%20repurposes%20signs%20and%20symbols%20common%20to%20marketing%20collateral%20that%20advertises%20savings /A%20few%20boxes%20stacked%20with%20barcode-patterned%20wrapping%20paper /Objects%20of%20Desire /Recreation%20of%20a%20bedroom%2C%20using%20background%20image%20and%20folder%20images%2C%20on%20a%20laptiop%20desktop / /Identity%20for%20RISD%20art%20book%20fair%20Unbound


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