Soo Min Lee

Graphic Warmline

Graphic Warmline is a metaphorical helpline for designers. It is a safe space to embrace doubt, navigate the complexities of our surroundings, and to move and adapt in new ways through the design process. Born from my own struggles, and ongoing processes of active-listening, observing, and introspection, this warmline is an invitation to contemplate and reframe standards of perfection and ingrained habits in order to discover genuine joy, a true voice, and to embrace flexibility, openness, and dynamism while designing.

Graphic Warmline offers interactive experimental methods, materials, and formats through actions of interplay in freeform. These experimentations revolve around threads of interplaying strategies: Vulnerability, Solace, Courage, Play, Exuberance, and Uplift. This undertaking explores relationships between the designer and the work process, as well as the connection between the designer and community across various media.


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