Courtney McCracken

From Here to the Ground

Recently, I have been working primarily in animation and sound design, experimenting widely across media to create works that center my human experience in this specific moment in time, playing against an internet landscape flooded with content of increasingly decaying quality. I use slow, traditional animation techniques combined with the digital to speak to my own simmering anxiety about society’s hyperfixation on disruptive technology and the devaluing of human labor. I have many questions, but not many answers. My work is experimental and tactile. It indulges in process and strives to celebrate the essential qualities of the human-made work.


/ /Small%20ink%20blobs%20are%20drawn%20on%20transparency%20and%20held%20up%20against%20a%20blue%20sky.%20There%20is%20a%20white%20cloud%20in%20one%20corner%20and%20red%20maple%20leaves%20in%20another.%20Fingers%20are%20visible%20holding%20the%20piece. /Many%20animation%20frames%20drawn%20on%20sheets%20of%20transparency%20are%20held%20up%20to%20the%20light.%20The%20small%20ink%20shapes%20are%20seen%20colliding%20through%20these%20transparent%20layers.%20The%20frames%20are%20numbered.


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