Yarina Yiwei Dai

In my exploration of the ethical boundaries concerning our intervention in natural evolution, I challenge the position of self in relation to both technology and nature. Shaped by experiences in urban nature settings, laboratory investigations, and immersive virtual reality encounters, my perspective informs a vision of a speculative future unveiled through my jewelry. Here, bioengineering intertwines with wearable technology, where genetically edited plants take on specialized functions, acting as companions that enhance and assist the wearer. Through the creative fusion of 3D printing and AI-generated visuals, this narrative delves deep into themes of dependency, addiction, mental well-being, and the evolving emotional bonds we form with our technological creations.


/Speculative%20installation%20of%20a%20decaying%20biotech%20ear%20device /Speculative%20seed%20incubators%20 /Biotech%20for%20curing%20depression.%20 /Antiaging%20biotech%20mask. /Device%20transform%20human%20thoughts%20into%20plant%20signals. /Biotech%20for%20hearing%20nature. /Sound%20collecting%20device. /Handheld%20biotech%20for%20nature%20therapy.


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