Lily Gibbs Taylor

A Delicate Balance

There's a silver key from Lowe’s for the front door and a smaller unmarked gold key for the back door. There are two identical RISD keys–studio and storage closet. There’s the key to my mom’s apartment and another to the gallery where I used to work on Saturdays. There’s the key to the bike lock that I’ve kept on the ring even though my bike was stolen. I tried splitting up all the keys and creating two different sets–daily keys and occasional keys–but I never had the occasional keys when I needed them.

I have been making paintings of the everyday that I hope can operate like doorways. Can a still life or a quiet interior open up a half-forgotten narrative? I don’t expect to go all the way inside, but to begin to reconnect to something that has been divided or lost, or that eventually will be.


/A%20bird%20begins%20to%20take%20flight%20from%20a%20railing%20in%20front%20of%20a%20residential%20front%20door. /A%20coat%20hangs%20on%20a%20door%2C%20seen%20through%20a%20window. /A%20cat%20peers%20into%20an%20open%20apartment%20door%2C%20seen%20from%20the%20inside%20of%20an%20elevator. /A%20lemon%20tree%20and%20tulips%20sit%20in%20front%20of%20a%20view%20of%20buildings%20across%20a%20reservoir. /A%20lobby%20door%20swings%20slightly%20open.%20Inside%20the%20lobby%20are%20stairs%2C%20a%20bench%2C%20and%20a%20painting. /Three%20strawberries%20sit%20on%20a%20wicker%20chair. /A%20dog%20sleeps%20on%20a%20green%20couch. /Across%20Pitman%2C%2036%20x%2048%22%2C%20oil%20on%20panel


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