Jingwen Cao

Winter Solstice


Winter Solstice includes photographic images that use color, symmetry, structure, and emptiness to create a metaphorical space for the human need for melancholy, distance, and introspection. Its visual allegories discuss the juxtaposition of control and chaos, distance and intimacy, emotionlessness and melancholy. 
For a long time, I have been thinking about what contemporary photography is, what its position is, and what the relationship is between artists and audiences. Perhaps because of reverence for art and the artist’s authority, or perhaps because of habits, the reading of artworks often relies on the artist’s explanation. I have great doubts about all of this. Meanwhile, I was developing my concepts and photographic directions and trying to make my work and my perspective on photography relevant. Winter Solstice includes a series of essays that locate my thinking and my work. Its title references the longest night of the year.


/Green%20leaves%20in-between%20the%20subway%20station%20and%20highway. /Icicles%20under%20the%20cliff. /A%20window%20with%20etal%20frame%20from%20a%20skylight. /An%20unfunctional%20screen%20caused%20by%20software%20errors. /A%20security%20room%20inside%20of%20a%20building. /A%20indoor%20site%20under%20construction. /Hong%20Kong%20international%20airport%20terminal%201%20gate%20counter. /A%20window%20from%20an%20office%20with%20yellow%20documents%20stack.


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