Srikar Hari

Embodied Abstractions: 

Identity and Representation in the Digital Era


The  digital  image  is  a  copy  in  motion.  As it accelerates, it deteriorates. It is a ghost of an image, squeezed through digital connections, resized, uploaded, downloaded, reformatted and re-edited.

With today’s digital technology, the image can no longer be seen as a stable representation of the world anymore, but a programmable database that is updated in real time. It is not only part of a program, but it contains its own operating code: the image is a program in itself. We increasingly live in a world where images are involved in a multitude of processes that are hidden behind their appearances on screen and their so-called “interactivity.”

The works presented within this thesis are an effort in finding methods of intervention to rethink the status of the image and self-identity after the digital.


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