Kate Walker

To the Dogs or Whoever


My fascination with the natural world has translates into my art practice, through which I depict animals and their interactions with humans, telling stories and fragmented narratives of conflict and consequence. My work grapples with  ideas of human comfort and consumption and their connection to environmental disturbance and decay.

In creating stories that reveal the symbolic weight placed upon animals as well as the consequences of human interactions, my work attempts to reveal the perspective of the animal, to produce compassion for the natural world, and to serve as a warning to care for nature.


/Screen%20prints%20of%20coyote%20and%20deer%20surrounded%20by%20flying%20grackles /Screen%20print%20of%20a%20wolverine%20on%20tree%20branch%2C%20with%20sparrows%20above%20and%20below /Screen%20print%20of%20dogs%20jumping%20to%20catch%20a%20mink /Cabinet%20with%20minks%20and%20rabbits%20inside /Cabinet%20being%20opened /Minks%20and%20rabbits%20hanging%20inside%20a%20cabinet /A%20dog%20sleeps%20on%20a%20green%20couch. /install


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