Ella Son

Urban Looms, Recoloring City

The metropolis has been a dominant and defining aspect of my life. Acutely aware of visual illusions created by the choreographed and unchoreographed movements of people in the streets and the distortions of light and shadow on the glass facades of skyscrapers, I reinterpret the patterns and colors that are in constant interplay into a collection of architectural textiles. With an emphasis on optical layering, these immersive installations recreate the quality of being spellbound in the city. Scaled to emphasize verticality and activated through transparent overlays and dense color interplay, a rich visual field is activated. In their application, the designs not only transfer easily to the exterior when imprinted in polycarbonate and building materials but to the interior in the form of fabric screens. Each version brings the immensity and vital immediacy of city life to the foreground.


/A%202024%20RISD%20GRAD%20SHOW%20installation%20view%20on%20the%20wall.%20 /The%20trippy%20blue%20pattern%20on%20the%20Acetate%20sheet%20and%20the%20building%20material%20application%20polycarbonate%20with%20the%20pattern.%20 /Pattern%20interaction%20on%20the%20different%20materials%20%28Matte%20paper%20and%20Acetate%20sheet%29.%20 /The%20color%20grouping%20focused%20on%20warm%20hues. /First%20installation%20layout%20simulation%20for%20the%20woven%20plexiglass%20with%20paracords%20on%20the%20wall.%20


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