The first episode of the Manual Podcast, a new series about art and its making.


From today’s dewy suburban lawns to a poisonous pigment popularized during the Industrial Revolution, this first episode of Manual explores how we find and create meaning in the color green.

Chapter 1: Goose-Turd Green  

Textile, ca. 1560
Gift of Miss Ellen D. Sharpe 46.503

What kind of work goes into making green? A medieval textile with a peculiar name and a contemporary suburban backyard hold clues.


Chapter 2: Scheele's Green

Flocked Border, ca. 1790
Woodblock-printed on paper
with fibers
Mary B. Jackson Fund 34.1152

What are the consequences of mimicking nature? How one bright green pigment provoked controversy in Europe during the Industrial Revolution.

Victoria Finlay

'Deceptive Decor: Uncovering Arsenic in Eighteenth- & Nineteenth-Century Wallpapers'

Chapter 3: Astroturf Green  

Enrique Chagoya
The Pastoral or Arcadian State, Illegal Alien's Guide to Greater America, 2006
Color lithograph on handmade ivory amate paper
Gift of Faye Hirsch 2009.113

Has the American wilderness always been lush and wild? RISD professor Sean Nesselrode Moncada uncovers misconceptions about the land and the color green.

Sean Nesselrode Moncada

Chapter 4: Desert Green  

Basketry Plaque, late 1800s
Rabbitbrush, sumac, or willow with yucca,
kaolin, and pigment
Diam.: 45.1 cm. (17 ¾ in.)
Museum Works of Art Fund 44.582

A trip to an environment that at first glance contains very little green. Hopi grower Susan Sekaquaptewa shares how her community has learned to thrive in the desert.

'Introduction: Mokingpu'

→  Susan Sekaquaptewa


Emma Vecchione: Audio production, editing, & sound design

Jeremy Radtke: Assistant Director, Digital Initiatives, RISD Museum

Sarah Ganz Blythe: Interim Director,
Deputy Director, Exhibitions, Education, Programs 

Amy Pickworth: Assistant Director of Museum Publications and Senior Editor



Victoria Finlay, arts writer and journalist

Pat Hogan, sales manager, SODCO

Gina Esposito

Laurie Brewer, associate curator of Costume and Textiles, RISD Museum

Emily Banas, assistant curator of Decorative Arts, RISD Museum

Sean Nesselrode Moncada, assistant professor, RISD

Susan Sekaquaptewa, organic gardener & seed saver of the Hopi tribe

Laura Lamb Brown-Lavoie, farmer and poet




Special Thanks

Sonya Bui, digital initiatives intern, RISD Museum

Julio Berra, digital initiatives intern, RISD Museum

Bill Miller, painter and founder of RISD’s ColorLab

Mariani Lefas-Tetenes, assistant director, School and Teacher Programs,
RISD Museum

Ingrid Neuman, conservator, RISD Museum

Wai Yee Chiong, assistant curator of Asian art, RISD Museum

Carson Evans, digital media fellow, RISD Museum

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Blue Dot Sessions

Podington Bear

FxProSound of Freesound.org

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