This publication would not have been possible without the generous support, and contributions from Jeremy Radtke, Assistant Director, Digital Initiatives, RISD Museum, and the RISD Museum’s creative production team, Brendan Campbell—Graphic Designer and lead on oversight of platform for publication; Carson Evans—Digital Content Fellow; Georgina Sarpong—Creative Technology Fellow; Derek Schusterbauer—Senior Graphic Designer.  Their input and countless hours of time have been invaluable. Also, sincere thanks to Everett Epstein, RISD MFA Graphic Design 2021, Graduate Assistant, Creative Production.

Special thanks to James Goggin (RISD Graphic Design faculty) who provided design direction for the project. This publication was typeset in two different typefaces, one designed by a RISD senior and one by a RISD alum. The headline font is TINY, designed by Jack Fahnestock, BFA Graphic Design 2020, and the rest of the text is set in Rapport, designed by June Shin, MFA Graphic Design 2017.

Thanks to the Campus Exhibitions team members Gunnar Norquist and Kevin Hughes for helping to keep information organized and helping to build out the numerous senior pages.

Thanks to Kent Kleinman, RISD Provost, for supporting this initiative. Sincere thanks to RISD’s Student Alliance for their input on the project.

This publication would not have been possible without the initial encouragement and support from the RISD Museum in providing access to the platform and expertise of their staff.

Thank you to Sarah Ganz-Blithe, Deputy Director of Exhibitions, Education, and Programs, RISD Museum and John Smith, Director, RISD Museum for supporting this initiative.

Oversight for this publication was provided by Mark Moscone, Director of Campus Exhibitions.