Emma Vecchione (Brown BA 2020, Art History)
produced this audio piece.


The Trading Earth Soundwalk team consisted of:

Alexandra Poterack
associate educator, Public and Academic Programs

Jeremy Radtke
assistant director, Digital Initiatives

Olivia Schroder (RISD BFA 2023)
sound designer and producer

Kajette Solomon
Social Equity and Inclusion (SEI) Program Specialist

Elizabeth Williams
David & Peggy Rockefeller Curator, Decorative Arts at the RISD Museum

Elizabeth Xu (RISD MFA, 2023)
sound designer



Thank you to those who contributed to the creation of the Trading Earth Soundwalk:

Janette Bloomfield
mother of Kajette Solomon

Anina Major, (RISD MFA 2017, Ceramics)
ceramic artist and critic, RISD Ceramic Department

Chris Roberts
RISD Schiller Family Assistant Professorship in Race in Art and Design, Assistant Professor of Theory and History of Art and Design and Experimental Foundation Studies

John Onwuchekwa
founder of Portrait Coffee in Atlanta, Georgia Pascale Rihouet, RISD Senior Lecturer in History of Art & Visual Culture



Additional thanks to those whose conversations and reflections shaped the development of this project:

Sheila Bonde, Christopher Chan and Michelle Ma
Professor of History of Art, Brown University

Marina Brancely
Senior Instructor, Johnson and Wales University

Zack Even (Brown BA 2020, Modern Culture and Media)

Kaijun Chen
Assistant Professor of East Asian Studies

Karen Methany
Senior Lecture, Gastronomy, Boston University

Holly Shaffer
Assistant Professor of History of Art and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Brown University