Colin Yoon
Control Theory


When people feel that everything is out of control, their natural response would be to turn to a designated space to manipulate anything within it, whether it may be a physical environment or a digital platform. This book expresses the comforts of order and predictability in response to the chaos and confusion that emerged from the train wreck known as the year 2020. After everything that has happened, it's understandable that people want to have some semblance of control over something in their lives, as predictability makes them feel safe, intelligent, and powerful.



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Control Theory

Material / Medium: Ceramics Porcelain
Dimensions: 4' 9" x 3' 11" x 1' 1"
Year: 2021

For my grad thesis show, I produced a collection of square-shaped porcelain vases. The vessels would have the same width on all four sides but will vary with seven different heights. The lowest vase would be about one inch tall, while the tallest would be four inches tall. The five units between the shortest and tallest designs would have a 1/2-inch difference between each vessel. The vessels will arrange into grid structures consisting of 64 units per set. The reason I’m designing square containers with different heights to make a variety of block-based motion surfaces. Examples include a hill form, a crater form, and a valley form, all of which can form a set of 64 vessels.