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Community Stewards of the Deep Bay : Staging Lau Fau Shan for resiliency through collective participation 


This thesis explores tensions of utopian ideals through the lens of stakeholders living and working in the Deep Bay coastal region of Hong Kong, Using Lau Fau Shan as my case study, I have worked on ways to build socio-ecological resilience through bottom-up strategies of community engagement through first hand experience of interacting with a local oyster farmer. In understanding how the different forces of climate change and development pressures are currently impacting the community and the daily workings of the fishing community, my goal is to demonstrate how design can advocate for the importance of community driven strategies to design for resilience. Design strategies developed include flexible and multifunctional systems such as market networks and elevated oyster-mud bunds that work for both the fishermen and tourists.


Field excursion with a local oyster farmer