That Mirror Again

That Mirror Again is a summary of experiences, used to pose questions about self-hood through technological metaphor and theory. Its memories are disjointed, separate, and removed from time, and are an honest attempt to recenter an identity before the end of formal education. The themes of each section, Aground, Tilt, and Threshold, are presented as isolated definitions that set the mood for the writing before it is introduced. Referencing information age technology, invoking ancient deities in prose, and brushing against the fur of monster-hood, the text holds the memory it carries softly and offers it to the reader.

Superposition of a Circle

Triptych video

6min 45sec


Superposition of a Circle follows a thread, using the quiet action of drawing a circle as both an entry point and affirmation. It uses the Tarot to reference a seemingly endless cycle of self-excavation and rediscovery, searching for the central core behind its creator.