Natalia Spritzer

Making Space: creative learners, digital spaces, and the relationships between them

This thesis is an inquiry into the growing prevalence of digital learning environments or digital spaces in order to assess the impact of leveraging these spaces on learners' creative identities. What is being examined in particular are web-folios or personal websites (digital spaces), the interactions that learners have with these environments, and how it infers to the potential of digital space as a medium for a variety of advancements. Through qualitative analysis in the form of observations, interviews, and surveys done throughout a collaborative research workshop, this thesis speculates that digital space can be utilized as a means for providing significant opportunities for individual growth and fostering creative identity. This research also acknowledges the reality of resource disparities within technology and possible means for improvement.


Thesis Book Cover

Making Space: creative learners, digital spaces & the relationships between them By Natalia Spritzer