Priyata Bosamia

Kala in my Moholla - Art in my Neighborhood 

Through this thesis, I am trying to answer a simple but essential question “How do we build safe spaces for free creative expression?”

 "Kala in my Moholla," which means "Art in my neighborhood," looks at art as a force and intends to create space for free creative expression by introducing design frameworks to create a system of hyper-local, easy-to-build spaces for making, creating, and sharing. Designed to be accessible, participatory, and democratic, these spaces are intended to foster creativity through workshops, maker spaces, libraries, and engaging in multiple mediums of visual and performance art.

The design is comprised of modular elements inspired by urban gestures translated into easy-to-build units. Materials and construction methods are based on the concepts of "ephemeral urbanism" present in the city, and the spaces are malleable, flexible, and reversible. By bringing people together through art making, Kala in My Moholla aims to empower the community and be a dynamic and responsive space for the community.


Axonometric drawing showing the different spaces that can be created with the kit of parts.


RISD Grad ShowRISD Grad Show

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