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Agustina Markez

Collapsed Structures

My work examines the merging of politics, constructed environments and feelings of home rendered  in sculpture, installation, video, experimental film and performance. This leads me to question where I fit in and where my place is within this discourse. I am interested in creating my own space that also addresses the political and cultural spaces that we function in. My work runs parallel to my personal experience as an artist. I explore my immigrant Argentine identity and displacement in relation to American culture, thinking about the ‘American Dream’, the American gaze, within the passage of time. Using video and film in combination with craft and sculpture, I utilize the Internet and alternatively sourced materials as a resource and a way to connect with different ‘DIY’ communities. I pay close attention to the accessibility and consumption of my work. My latest pieces explore the theatricality and performance of politics and political figures within the digital information age. What does it mean for a politician to wield the power of a “meme”? How does pop culture and sports interest and interact with politics? I labor through intuitive processes of making which allows me to utilize humor, play, satire and absurdity as methods to connect with the viewer and further explore my conceptual framework. 

Feriado Nacional Installation

Argentine newspaper articles on acetate paper referencing current political moment, 35mm filmstrips of family photos, inks, green thread, green metal springs, silicone covered pvc pipes, silicone soccer cones


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