Cast cardboard

Jiaying Wang

Rooted in topsoil 

My work investigates the emotional complexities inherent to my transnational identity. I question the paradoxical place at the intersection of longing and belonging, interior and exterior, rootedness and uprootedness. As I navigate between nostalgia for the “native” culture of the past and search for affinity in the adopted culture of the present, I use material processes to forge a zone of stability and comfort – a “homecoming” in disguise. Mundane objects act as transitional souvenirs that manifest my personal history and serve as indexes of multiple belongings. Through digital media, casting and site-interventions, my art practice explores the ability of materials and spaces to hold memories; as well as how these ephemeral states and precarious placements could be read, decoded and repositioned in time. 


joint compound, plaster, foam, photo printed on silk



a wall with an open space in the middle

Between two worlds

2 x 4’’ pine, drywall, joint compound, needle, thread
110'' x 96'' x 5.5’’


embroidery on bubble wrap

I, too, am fragile

68'' x 16'' x 0.8''
Plastics, thread


From something to something

Plaster, HD video
2:27 minutes in loop


RISD Grad ShowRISD Grad Show

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