Britney Coppick


The Border Crosser's Pocketbook: A Guide to Engaged Pedagogy in After School Arts 

The questions that sparked this research were developed after spending time working internationally and locally with youth in after school arts programs. These inquiries aim to critically examine the way after school arts programs are run in relation to the culturally and racially diverse communities they serve, discuss how these methods engage with the field of arts education as a whole, and ultimately provide practical approaches, strategies, and tools that educators can implement in these programs. Written from the perspective of a white, female educator who works in racially diverse learning spaces, this project is aimed at enabling educators in similar circumstances to overcome the barriers presented by racial and cultural differences in the after school arts classroom.


Middle school student holding pencil drawing of a car and making a silly face.

Former student at Finca del Niño


Art show exhibition with student paintings hanging on the walls and students and parents observing the artwork.

Fall 2023 Student Exhibition at ¡CityArts!


Student sitting at a table and drawing with marker.

Student drawing at Mini Makerz


Two wooden squares and two wooden circles with burned images of a lizard, a ship, a cactus, and ghosts.

Student wood-burning artwork


Student painting sculpture made of recycled toilet paper and cardboard.

Former student at Finca del Niño building a sculpture out of recycled materials


RISD Grad ShowRISD Grad Show

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