Featuring work by graduate students earning their degrees this year, RISD Grad Show 2023 highlights the creativity of students at all stages of the thesis process, from sketches and drafts to completed works. The show is presented both as an in-person exhibition at the Rhode Island Convention Center (open to the public May 25–June 3), and as a digital publication that showcases work by RISD grad students across 19 advanced degree programs.
The RISD Grad Show 2023 digital site would not have been possible without the many individuals who generously offered their support, expertise, time and guidance. The publication was supported by Anais Missakian (Interim Provost) and production was handled by the RISD Museum’s Digital Initiatives team. Special thanks to team members Brendan Campbell and Jeremy Radtke, who oversaw every aspect of the creation and building of the site. This project truly would not have happened without their patience, diligence and generosity. Special thanks to Mark Moscone, Director of Campus Exhibitions for his dedication and vision. Thanks also to Amy Horschak, Director of Graduate Studies for her support and commitment to moving this project forward. Her communication and insights kept things on track, often ensuring that grads had the information they needed to help them meet deadlines.
The graphic identity of the site was conceived by Serena Ho and Zachary Scheinfeld, MFA Graphic Design 2023. Many thanks for their time developing an elegant, thoughtful design that seamlessly carries through the entire site. Thanks also to the directors of the departments and programs featured here.

Crystal Williams

Interim Provost
Anais Missakian

Interim Director, RISD Museum
Deputy Director, Exhibitions, Education, Programs
Sarah Ganz Blythe

Director of Campus Exhibitions
Mark Moscone

Director, Graduate Studies
Amy Horschak

Director, Digital Initiatives, RISD Museum
Jeremy Radtke

Graphic Designer, RISD Museum
Brendan Campbell

Exhibition Identity Design and Web Development
Serena Ho, MFA Graphic Design 2023 and Zach Scheinfeld, MFA Graphic Design 2023

Special thanks to the following grad students who helped build the student pages:

Audrey Wang
Brooke Shary
Catherine Ashley
Fangzhou Zhao
Ella Lawless
Kisaki Matsumoto
Kristina Miesel
Prithi Khalique
Ryan Sotelo
Yujiang Wu
Zeyuan Ren

Special thanks to Colin Dunn for web development support


RISD Grad Show 2023 was created using Ziggurat, an open-source publishing tool. Ziggurat was built by the RISD Museum in collaboration with Oomph, Inc.

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