Kahee Bae

Porous Love

""Porous love"" evokes a sense of vulnerability and openness in the realm of affection. It suggests a love that isn't confined or closed off but instead allows emotions to flow freely, permeating boundaries and barriers.

In living our lives, we can never live alone. However, people often become blinded by immediate concerns and act selfishly, neglecting others. In contrast, in nature, such beings may face extinction or inadvertently destroy their surrounding ecosystems, leading to self-destruction. We can learn about our lifestyles and attitudes by observing nature closely.

The unique pattern of leaf fenestration of A Monstera plant means that at every stage of its development, it ensures that all leaves receive equal amounts of sunlight. Drawing lessons from this mode of survival, I believe that if we support each other's weaknesses by offering comfort and even healing, we become stronger together.


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