Jane Kim

Providence: caring of God

It is sometimes hard to explain how I am inspired by God, but my commitment is to visualize works and organize my visceral feeling and emotions from direr inspiration. As student living in Providence, Rhode Island, I delved deeper into the city's name and realized that Providence is a Christian term. The noun “providence” has come to mean the act of “providing for or sustaining and governing the universe by God.” Providence, in other words, is living in God’s plan. This word can encompass my works. As a symbolic representation of my identity, I use the idea of the Holy Grail to define my role as servant of God and visual guide. In my installations, the Holy Grail is used to activate a religious atmosphere. And within these considered settings, it is both commemorative and an artifact of multi-layered emotions. To encounter the Holy Grail is to face God.


/Colorful%20ceramic%20vessels%20arranged%20in%20clusters%20on%20a%20reflective%20surface%2C%20with%20a%20central%20pedestal%20holding%20an%20elaborate%20piece.%20The%20holy%20grails%20are%20gradually%20changing%20colors. /Close-up%20of%20intricately%20decorated%20the%20Holy%20grail%20with%20dripping%20glazed%20surfaces%20and%20covered%20with%20pastel%20colors%2C%20standing%20on%20a%20glossy%20blue%20reflective%20surface%20which%20is%20water. /Close%20up%20of%20one%20of%20the%20Holy%20Grails%20with%20intricate%20details%20and%20pastel%20colors%2C%20positioned%20on%20a%20reflective%20surface.%20The%20piece%20has%20leafy%20patterns%20and%20a%20drip%20design. /Close-up%20of%20a%20glossy%20ceramic%20flower%20sculpture%20with%20vibrant%20hues%2C%20featuring%20drip-like%20textures.%20


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