Maedeh Tafvizi 

Grief Resonance

In the tender hands of clay, I find my personal canvas,
Where the earth becomes my muse, profound and endless.
A longing, deep and intimate, for a place to call my own,
Missing the feeling of belonging, like seeds to soil sown.
Am I even missing home, I ponder in the night,
Where is home, a question that ignites a restless light.
In this clay, in this land, I navigate my grief,
Seeking roots, my heart's relief, in the soil beneath.
This project began from my interest in defining space, both conceptually and physically. How do we fit into the spaces we inhabit, and how do we make them our own? My fascination with textiles, particularly tapestry rugs, stems from my family's rug business in Iran. Rugs define space with their dimensions, weight, and stories. Both textiles and ceramics are unique, land-based materials requiring deep understanding. This project uses Egyptian paste, an ancient recipe, embodying the need to connect with and earn permission from the material. Through this work, I explore the connection between material, space, and identity.


/Hands%20mixing%20reddish%20Egyptian%20Paste%20in%20a%20white%20bowl%2C%20creating%20a%20textured%2C%20earthy%20mixture.%20The%20scene%20captures%20the%20tactile%20and%20immersive%20process%20of%20preparing%20ceramic%20material. /3D%20printer%20extruding%20a%20circular%20clay%20pattern%20on%20a%20rotating%20platform%2C%20with%20the%20printer%20labeled%20%27R2D2%27%20in%20a%20workshop%20setting. /Close-up%20of%20a%203D%20printer%20nozzle%20extruding%20intricate%20clay%20patterns%20on%20a%20rotating%20wooden%20platform. /3D%20printer%20nozzle%20depositing%20intricate%2C%20layered%20clay%20structure%20onto%20a%20wooden%20platform%2C%20capturing%20the%20detailed%20formation%20process. /Artist%20arranging%20clay%20pieces%20on%20a%20table%20in%20a%20well-lit%20studio%2C%20surrounded%20by%20tools%20and%20materials%2C%20creating%20an%20organized%20and%20creative%20workspace


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