Pear Jansomwong


ChromaCalm represents the fusion of art and technology, aimed at enhancing human cognition through innovative design. As an interdisciplinary project, it leverages lightweight AR glasses to directly address the challenges of working memory and focus in our everyday lives. These glasses, crafted with user-centric design principles, utilize advanced algorithms to dynamically filter and manage visual information, prioritizing task-related data and minimizing distractions.

This technology embodies a breakthrough in cognitive science, providing a non-invasive tool to bolster concentration, particularly for individuals facing challenges such as ADHD. By redefining the interface between our sensory perceptions and the overflow of ambient information, ChromaCalm offers a practical solution to the problem of cognitive overload in modern environments.

The project invites users to experience a new form of interaction where technology quietly enhances human capabilities, allowing for deeper concentration and improved productivity in learning and professional tasks.


A person sits reading a book while wearing ChromaCalm AR glasses, which are equipped with adjustable transparent lenses to aid concentration.


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