Sunny Satpathy

Convenience of Care

A Speculative Future Project

QuickCare is a product developed under the speculative futures project titled Convenience of Care.

Inspired by the integration of AI recommendations in health monitoring apps and the Amazon-OneMedical partnership announced in 2023, the project explores the not so distant future where AI powered products storm the market and creep into the healthcare and health insurance industry.

The product aims to question what our future of care will look like when AI recommendations and our follow through on those determine insurance premium rates. What happens when your medical data is made shareable across third partner organisations? Ask yourself how much are you willing to give up in the name of convenience.

QuickCare is a product from this future and uses a heart rate monitor to simulate the experience of cataloguing your health to receive personalised recommendations for lower premiums showing us a glimpse into what this world could look like. 


A render of the QuickCare product placed on a flat surface like a table or a pedestal.


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