Reclaimed by Roots


Within the context of the symbiotic relationship between architecture and natural plants, as greenery intertwines with manmade spaces over time, creating what I define as a 'Gray Space,' my thesis seeks to explore the diverse forms this 'Gray Space' can assume at the intersection of architectural forms and natural entities through human intervention. I focus on converting an abandoned factory building, where camphor trees were intentionally transplanted and have since flourished, into a hotel. I propose a balanced adaptive reuse strategy that combines architectural reinforcement with managed tree growth, preserving the historical significance of the building while integrating the natural environment. This approach includes a detailed structural and botanical assessment and aims to rejuvenate and stimulate the local community's economy, offering tangible benefits to existing inhabitants. Ultimately, this model aspires to set a precedent for innovative thinking, forging a mutually beneficial coexistence between humanity and nature. 


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