Torie Stotz

Space Between: 

Navigating Openness

In a predominantly human-made, constructed world, I am exploring how I can manifest the natural world with a hand made screen divider system, based on form and structure, that replicates that of a work of nature, more specifically simulating dappled light. Questioning sustainability through the limitations of terracotta clay, while introducing a passive, bioclimatic design, I explore how a fragile, rounded, hollow fired system impacts its structural integrity and its ability to embed nature like qualities in modular form. These structures are meant to be self-supporting in exterior and interior contexts, using either artificial or natural light, designing complex patterns and gradients. Since the forms connect at each other's tangencies, the modules allow for ambiguity, and an easy to assemble one piece module that encourages creativity and individuality, for each wall can be made completely different from the next.


/Fired%20terracotta%20module%20used%20as%20binaculars.%20It%20consists%20of%20cylinders%20that%20connect%20at%20each%20others%20tangencies.%20Total%20of%205%20cylinders%2C%20one%20at%20the%20center%2C%20largest%2C%20and%204%20surrounding%20it%3B%20they%20get%20smaller%20in%20clockwise%20direction. /Simulated%20dappled%20light%20with%20a%20colander%2C%20Solar%20Eclipse%204/8/2024 / /Module%20Assembly /Unfired%20Module /Fired%2C%20Handy%2C%20Lightweight%2C%20Vibrant /One%20configuration%20to%20start%20the%20stacking/building%20of%20the%20modular%20Screen%20System.%20There%20are%20four%20modules%20in%20this%20stack%20and%20they%20are%20fired%20so%20they%20are%20bright%20orange.%20 /Living%20in%20Moment


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