Furniture Design


Two people working in a woodshop, with vice clamps in the foreground

Studios are the defining spaces of the RISD campus. They are where ideas emerge from the realm of the intangible and are drawn into concrete form. The Furniture Design department invites visitors to spend time in our studios to participate in a variety of object-making experiences. Students, faculty and staff will host a series of workshops, demonstrations, and activities that provide experiences with some of the exciting tools, techniques and materials furniture design students work with, including steam bending, wood turning, vacuum forming, casting, CNC routing and more.


Furniture Design Woodshop
Friday 10/7, 3–5pm
Metcalf Building, room 117

Furniture Design Metalshop
Friday 10/7, 3–5pm
Metcalf Building, room 020

Furniture Design Bank Building Workshop
Friday 10/7, 3–5pm
Bank Building, 2nd floor


Student work on display @ GD Reading Room
Friday 10/7, 3–5pm
Saturday 10/8, 10am–4pm
Design Center, GD Commons

Open Studio events do not require pre-registration.


Metcalf Building
14 N Main Street

  • Furniture Design Woodshop
  • Room 117
  • Friday 10/7, 3–5pm
  • Furniture Design Metalshop
  • Room 020
  • Friday 10/7, 3–5pm

Bank Building
27 N Main Street

  • Furniture Bank Building Workshop
  • 2nd floor
  • Friday 10/7, 3–5pm

Design Center
30 N Main Street

  • Student work on display @ GD Reading Room
  • GD Commons (1st floor)
  • Friday 10/7, 3–5pm
  • Saturday 10/8, 10–4pm


Furniture Design at RISD offers an intensive immersion in materials research and exploration in the process of making furniture and objects. Students investigate some of the most important questions facing designers today—from how to take advantage of changing technologies and new materials, to how to respond to variable economic conditions and evolving lifestyles.