Landscape Architecture


blue and white wool fibers felted into dried plant material

Landscape Architecture at RISD is about creating relationships between ideas, mediums and methods and underscoring the ideas that get made and experimented with in tactile, iterative ways. We acknowledge that the embodied experience of landscape and the process of our making is significant to mechanics governing context, ecology, tectonics and social infrastructures. As the Landscape Architecture department transitions to meaningful new spaces this year, both literally and figuratively, we are excited to share our continued commitment to critical making that provokes and inspires new ways of understanding the landscape.


Friday 10/7, 3:30–5:30pm
Saturday 10/8, 10am–4pm
CIT, Sol Koffler Gallery
& 159 Weybosset Gallery, 1st floor

Open Studio events do not require pre-registration.


169 Weybosset Street

  • Exhibition, location 1
  • Sol Koffler Gallery (1st floor)
  • Friday 10/7, 3:30–5:30pm
  • Saturday 10/8, 10am–4pm

Gallery Space
159 Weybosset Street

  • Exhibition, location 2
  • Gallery (first floor)
  • Friday 10/7, 3:30–5:30pm
  • Saturday 10/8, 10am–4pm


Landscape Architecture straddles the interface between the cultural and natural worlds, addressing design issues inherent in a range of typologies and scales, from specific sites to global systems. RISD’s program prepares students to thoughtfully examine the increasingly complex issues associated with these environments and to develop innovative design solutions.