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LIVIA: Empowering to look after your heart's health

Good Morning Rocket: Launch into a Great Day

Livia is a medical device that we designed to help facilitate smoother recovery for post-surgery cardiovascular disease (CVD) patients. The device is particularly helpful for individuals who have undergone a heart attack or other cardiac event, as they require extensive recovery time and support. Livia works by enhancing people’s independent living and giving them the assistance of a nurse in the comfort of their house 24/7.

Along with the capabilities of the device, Livia also has the potential to integrate with additional components that can monitor and track key health indicators such as ECG and blood pressure, making it a valuable tool for post-surgery CVD patients.




As a team of grounded designers and skilled engineers, our primary focus is on developing products that blend engaging design with practical functionality. We started with ourselves and observations and resonated with the morning struggle faced by the whole family in getting young children ready for school.

With the goal of helping children develop a positive morning routine that raises independence and self-regulation, we designed Good Morning Rocket, a gamified routine planner and task tracker that helps 6 to 9 years old children in completing routine activities independently.

Our team's commitment to fun and empowerment shines through in every aspect of our creation, ensuring that children feel motivated and empowered while parents experience a newfound sense of ease and efficiency.





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