Brenda Li

Algorithmic Mirage: The Enigma of Black Box Algorithm

"Algorithmic Mirage: explores how obscure algorithms shape our understanding of value and social norms. Using jewelry as a metaphor, I illustrate technology's power dynamics through three projects. "Boxed Rings - Algorithmic Distortion" exposes value manipulation in the diamond industry and digital realm. "Shattering Algorithmic Echoes" is a multimedia journey escaping the filter bubble effect, and "Invisible 'V'-Connections" scrutinizes social media's algorithmic influence on our beliefs. By transforming abstract ideas into tangible art, "Algorithmic Mirage" urges critical thinking and caution in a digitally driven world.

Boxed Rings - Algorithmic Distortion

Shattering Algorithmic Echoes

Invisible 'V'-Connections


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