Renata Berta

Landing: body, site, material

To build on the land, I believe we must establish a profound connection with it. As a migrant myself, my practice intimately engages with foreign territories. Adopting a rhizomatic approach, I immerse in experiences such as open-water swimming, surfing, and wilderness walking, synchronizing my movements with the land’s rhythms.

Movement, time, and space are central to my practice, where my body becomes a resonating site with the landscape's active forces. Through recorded embodied actions, I delve into natural latent processes, extending to material explorations that integrate local and foreign materials. Textiles, experiential drawings, and multimedia installations serve me as tools for understanding time as tangible material.

My practice explores the interconnectedness of bodies, materialities, and territories. By embracing the material world as a dynamic flow of energies, my research contributes to a dialogue on sustainability and sense of belonging, with architectural projects as embodying forces that symbiotically engage with the landscape.


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