grey canvas with bright pink paint and the text Painting

Whether it’s painting on a surface or the integration of new digital technologies, painting as a medium is about new space. From linear perspective with its unbending world view to social practice and its liberating atmosphere, the aesthetics of engaged transgression are always part of the sphere of painting. In celebration of the inaugural theme of New Space(s) there will be a show by painting students along with their peers from the Sculpture department. By displaying these images and objects together in one convergent site there will be an opportunity to engage in conversation and provide a point on the horizon where the 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional intersect.


Open Galleries
Friday 10/7, 3–5pm
Saturday 10/8, 10am–4pm
Memorial Hall Galleries

Triennial Show
Friday 10/7, 10am–5pm
Saturday 10/8, 10am–5pm
Woods-Gerry Gallery

Featuring work of first- and second- year graduate students.

Open Studio events do not require pre-registration.


Memorial Hall
226 Benefit Street

  • Open Galleries
  • Galleries
  • Friday 10/7, 3–5pm
  • Saturday 10/8, 10am–4pm

Woods-Gerry Gallery
62 Prospect Street

  • Triennial Show
  • Room 304
  • Friday 10/7, 10am–5pm
  • Saturday 10/8, 10am–5pm


Painting at RISD prepares students to engage in an individual search for meaning and cultural representation through the development of strong visual skills, keen critical reasoning abilities and an understanding of broad historical and social contexts. Faculty encourage both the freedom and discipline essential to this process by embracing a wide range of aesthetic attitudes and offering flexible programs, along with a place where ideas rooted in the tradition of painting are openly examined and exchanged, challenged and refined.