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                                          by Zihe Gong

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While the stench of pig’s feet may cause sudden discomfort to some, in many cultures this particular animal part can be the most sought-after dish at a family gathering, whether it be on a home dining table or at a fancy restaurant.

Sushi restaurants are without a doubt some of the most expensive and luxurious dining experiences a city can offer. The delicate presentation, the taste of fresh sea straight to your palette... yet, wait a second. Have you noticed this message at the bottom of every menu: “Consuming raw or under-cooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illnesses?” It’s just like a “smoking kills” sign you see when you purchase a pack of Marlboro.

So I suggest next time you visit a fancy sushi place or hear people commenting on eating pig feet, try swapping the two in your brain.







My thesis is an accumulation of many different things. It contains a body of work that consists of furniture, objects, sketches, illustrations, and spontaneous thoughts, as well as improvised writings and images of a variety of things that have largely influenced my own making. For me, design is a discipline that does not come into being through a linear direction. Similarly, I believe that a thesis does not comprise just one single narrative, culminating from one starting point. The process of designing and making is more like the way one prepares a meal - all of the ideas and research and writing are the ingredients, and this book is the pot of stew that simmers them together.

My work starts in the kitchen, as I draw my inspirations from cooking and eating. I not only appreciate the forms of food and plants, but also the spirits embedded in them. I infuse a friendly, tangible, and a quirky sense into my work, and I hope people feel cozy and joyful to be around them.



Floral Chair
Inspired by the spirit of Chinese landscape paintings, this chair is made to welcome the seater into the canvas, and to become one with the painting.
powder-coated steel, 2019




Lanky Coat Hanger
Compared to the common coat hangers, Lanky Coat Hanger has a very linear body with a pair of massively giant feet, The epoxy clay on his structure retains the making marks of the artist’s hands. It might seem clumsy in appearance, however, it is also honest and will conscientiously guard your garments.
steel frame, epoxy clay, ash wood, 2019



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