Ting-Lung Chang

Information Decluttering: A User-Centered Approach to Managing Digital Overload

In an era where information overload is the norm, the clutter not only impedes productivity but also affects our well-being. InForage arises as a solution to this disorder, a transformative platform that revolutionizes how we discover, organize, and collaborate on digital content. It acts as a safe harbor amidst the chaos, enhancing productivity, focus, and mental health by facilitating efficient knowledge preservation, organization, and sharing.

InForage establishes a global, collaborative digital library, centralizing important information and contributing to collective wisdom. It invites an era of swift, enjoyable management and discovery of information - an era of Information Enlightenment.

More than just an information management tool, InForage represents a paradigm shift in our approach to knowledge in the digital age. My thesis, therefore, stands at the intersection of technology and user experience, aiming to transition from chaos to clarity, from inquiry to insight, and from data to wisdom.

The Genesis of Digital Chaos

We now stand in the eye of a digital storm, a whirlwind of multitasking that propels us headfirst into an onslaught of information flooding in from countless channels. Our desktops, once clean spaces for focused work, have transformed into puzzling mazes filled with files and folders, each one screaming for our attention. Our browsers, swamped with an abundance of tabs, have become overwhelming, inducing decision fatigue instead of providing easy access to information. This digital clutter has become our daily reality, a constant noise that disrupts productivity and impinges on our mental well-being. It's time to acknowledge the chaos and embark on a quest for change.


Countless files, folders, and browser tabs.

Digital Chaos:
A snapshot of our overburdened digital spaces, exposing the harsh reality of uncontrolled digital clutter.

The Power of Familiarity

InForage offers a new dawn, integrating features such as highlighting, tagging, and note-taking that are second nature to our offline routines. We've harnessed these simple but powerful strategies and deployed them in a digital landscape, creating a seamless and intuitive platform where users can capture and manage critical online information. This is a tool designed for simplicity; there's no need for screenshots, no more tedious copying and pasting content across platforms. Your insights can now find a home in one centralized location. Collaboration is no longer a tedious process of sharing URLs; instead, team members can directly interact and engage with collected insights. Welcome to an era where the digital complements your work habits, not complicate them.


Instantly capture and store information from the web with built-in highlighting, tagging, and note-taking features.

Embrace the Familiar:
InForage's intuitive feature set – bridging the gap between offline learning habits and online information capture.

AI, Your Research Partner

InForage isn’t just a tool for information capture; it’s an intelligent platform designed to streamline your workflow and save precious time. It leverages the power of AI to assist users in digesting, organizing, and brainstorming collected information. Imagine a world where tedious manual tasks like categorizing findings, summarizing lengthy articles, or brainstorming connections become the work of an AI-powered assistant. You can focus on interpreting and utilizing the information while InForage handles the rest. It's not just about getting the work done; it's about doing it smarter and faster.


Amplify your research process with our AI capabilities, offering organized findings, relevant content, translations, and summaries.

AI-Assisted Workflow:
Harness the power of AI with InForage, transforming tedious manual tasks into a swift, automated process.

Redefining Search

InForage reimagines the search process, breaking away from traditional search engine norms that require users to juggle multiple tabs in pursuit of useful information. Our platform recommends relevant, accurate content directly based on your stored insights, all in one unified interface. It also lets users tap into the collective wisdom of others who have distilled and organized insights on similar topics, thus enabling a collaborative knowledge-sharing ecosystem. With InForage, searching becomes more efficient, and discovering knowledge becomes a delightful journey.


Leverage collective insights from users exploring similar topics for efficient information discovery and filtering.

The New Search Paradigm:
Reinventing search with InForage - one interface, multiple insights, and collective wisdom at your fingertips.

Embark on a seamless journey from digital chaos to clarity with InForage. Witness firsthand how we revolutionize information discovery, organization, and collaboration in the digital age.


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