Gonzalo Galetto


Landforms is an immersive film installation that explores how a landscape is formed and by whom it is sustained. It consists of a two-channel film with stereo sound projected on to a single wall. The large scale projections interplay with pace and motion to generate an experience that engages the viewer in a destabilizing manner. The work creates cadences based on rhythms and themes; elements such as form, texture, and color intersect with focus, depth of field, and camera angles to elaborate on the land’s ecological and geological relationships. The field recordings and soundtrack are also intrinsically intertwined: one is generated by the other, allowing the viewer to traverse and embody the film with the landscape.

Gonzalo Galetto is interested in the relationship humans have with the environment. Through Landforms, he explores ideas about the formation of a landscape that may be accessed through images that re-present it, as well as the agents that shape it. Among the images, the viewer can notice weather and seasonal changes, the emergence and dependence of life, and surface patterns and composition of ancient rock formations. The film relies on ambiguity to mediate open-ended questions, exploring an ecological space and geological time through a non-linear narrative—rather, it spatializes its narrative and allows it to emerge based on observation and memory.

Landforms, 2020

Two-channel Ultra High Definition film installation with stereo sound

9:05 minutes

RISD Grad Show 2020