void remember(){

add red dots();



// to define a function called 'remember'

// when operating remember function, add-red-dots function will be called   










// The story happens between digital and physical space.

// It's a dream from a machine,

// and a memo written by her humanoid part.







This short film was made during my quarantine. Living this digital life, my brain was stimulated by screens at all hours. I found myself more and more forgetful and numb. I lost the sense of time, as well as many feelings. Sometimes I need to go through pictures I took or notes I wrote to remind myself the feelings I had. I wanted to remember everything but the only way I could think about was using digital devices to record the moments. Yet it still lost its liveness. 

Then I started to make this red dots story. The main character notices more and more red dots appear in her life. When she decides to figure out why it happens, she finds out that those red dots are actually put by herself as a way to remember. However, as she forgets more and more, instead of remembering the content, she only remembers the functionality of it. Like on the microscope slide, it stores the red dot, instead of a slide of memories.





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RISD Grad Show 2020