Night Knights

Night knights

Ji Hyung Moon


Night Knights


Night Knights empower children with a sense of control and companionship for their nighttime fears. During the day, the Night Knights are companions that children embark on exciting adventures with. At night they continue their duties as faithful watchers of the night that always stand by the children’s side. They light up the dark when frightened children are in need of warm soothing light. 

My goal is to harness the positive elements of children’s fantasies. In particular, how reality is perceived and filtered through their imagination, with the aim to create narratives between their imagination and fear in order to steer them in a different direction. I want to provide children a sense of control over their fear through objects that empower them every night. In the end, the best cure for any type of fear is to face it little by little until you beat it.

Children’s imaginations are powerful and complex things. They can bring both delight and fear. Therefore, I realized that the key is to use their imagination as a tool to overcome their nighttime fear.

Many of us as adults lose the capability to connect with the fantasy-like reality of children. How do we bridge our reality to their premature perception of the world without being dismissive of their fear? How do we engage with their world that we can no longer relate to as well as we used to, and comfort them while embracing their imaginations?

I am not trying to force the children to grow up or shatter their fantasies and beliefs. I want to preserve their endless imagination and creation of their fantasy wonderland and provide a way to cope with their fears within their realm.

RISD Grad Show 2020