Fifty Fifty: Redefining Domesticity

Ziying Qiao MID2020















I want to redefine domesticity and challenge traditional gender roles by rethinking the division of domestic chores.

In this project, I discussed gender roles, especially for how the house design impacts gender inequality and the perfect female figure in traditional context— good mother, good wife. In the experiment part, I explored the possibility of collaborative housework and designed different objects related to daily life to remind people of the importance of collaboration.

For the final design part, I applied surveillance camera and machine learning technology to a private space, designed a radical service about chores, and also discussed how people react to Foucault’s idea about Panopticon.













Instead of forcing people to do housework together, I wish there is a method to let couples understand the time that each of them devoted to domestic chores.

So, I designed Fifty Fifty, a smart home system based on machine learning technology. It is a radical solution to inequality in the domestic realm and redefines the domesticity in modern families.



50/50: service map










Technology Support


The basic working mechanism of Fifty-Fifty:

Once the surveillance camera starts recording, the background program will work synchronously to analyze the video. It will identify who is here and what that person is doing. Machine learning technology is the key to making this happen.



50/50: Redefines Domesticity in Modern Families











Final Design


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