“I Wouldn’t Mind Turning Into A Vermillion Goldfish”- Matisse Imagination’s Feast, Dining with Matisse Size: 30x78  Medium: Acrylic and Polycolor on Wooden Door with Carving  Date: 04/15/ 2020

Kate Pincus-whitney

A Slice of Life: Theater of the Dinner Table

Studio Installation Shot


Studio shot, four paintings from the series: Slice of Life, Theater of the Dinner Table


       Through reimagining the radical emotional, psychological, political, poetic, and story telling power of food, I use the theater of life to set the stage of the table. Conjuring discussion with Chronos and Kairos, the meal is placed within the liminal; where all bodies are simultaneously present and absent. The painting is as much about life as they are about death. Investigating contemporary life and myth making, I explore the mapping of culture through the objects we consume. I view the tablescape as a place of narrative portraiture. Sometimes the table acts as a shrine, other times a commons or a stage. Intrinsic to this body of work are Jane Bennet’s Vibrant Matter: Political Ecology of Things , Manny Farber and Helen Molesworth Termite Art, and lastly Joseph Campbell’s works within cross cultural anthropology and mythology.  Maximalist, feminist, and unapologetically colorful and boisterous A Slice of Life: Theater of the Dinner Table for it all. 

RISD Grad Show 2020