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The world we cope with is a countable infinity, a strict subset of the uncountable infinity, due to the fact that we are given one finite span of life in the continuously infinite time. So, as long as we recognize this fact, we must live through a finitely long or short duration with an exceptional consciousness of infinity. Each human life can be illustrated as an interval that is subordinate to the whole pure time, and within a certain interval, I may be a ticker tape timer. I am just spitting on the giant flow from time to time. How can I reach the end of infinity? It is clearly impossible from the outset, and the fact that there would not be the end of pure time does not bring any significance but just its property of the great flow as the inflectionless continuity. However, wouldn’t it be possible to spit out a meaningful phlegm at one point of that endless line? Zeno of Elea quantified time as pure duration and divided it into segments to make it spatially regressed. Therefore, he did not care about the point that the result of adding infinities could be finite, and suspended himself between oscillations. The distance that Achilles travels while catching up with the tortoise has proved to be the total amount of the infinite geometric series, and the sum is finite, because the sum of infinitesimals in a given distance should be that single distance. Infinite dots marked on a tape form one length of interval, and the dotted life has the same direction toward which the ideality of infinity. But here I am swallowed up in Zeno’s sophistry again, stretching a spacing and vibrating in the air of a track between a dot already marked and another dot to be marked. This oscillation is due to an expectation that I shall tick a dot which may be the root of an equation, and to a loss aversion about the dots marked thus far. Tumbling through sequence by sequence of a recurring decimal, at some point I may reach a certain value even if it could not be the absolute value of the rational number.

(from the 132nd of the entire deck)








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