Kindergarten utopian design drawing

Julia castner

Teaching Utopia in Design from K through 12

"I was only 21 when the world changed drastically. Everything I was taught at school did not work. I was in the resistance in Budapest at the end of the war and was taken as a prisoner by the Gestapo. But I survived. The winter was brutal. There was no water, no electricity, no heating. Windows had no glass. There were one million inhabitants and people survived. I realized then that our habits and customs are very fragile. So I thought about finding a certain autonomy, and autonomy comes with improvisation. It is only natural to try to adapt. That’s what a dog would do – move, change, do whatever is necessary to survive. In architecture, the whole idea should be to find ways to adapt to reality. This idea came from my own reaction to the catastrophe."

- Yona Friedman


RISD Grad Show 2020