Mandy Who Created The Universe (Work in Progress)

Digital Video

Mandy is a simple girl hoping to make it big on reality television, she is also the creator of the known universe. This piece was (and continues to be) conceived, filmed, and edited during the 2020 Covid-19 quarantine. Roscoe plans to continue expanding the piece and building out this world with further experiments in narrative and camera techniques.

Bird Piece

Digital Video

Originally intended to be an experimental sketch for the artist's Thesis film, Bird Piece turned instead into a short of its own. This experiment in script-less directing follows a fearful bird creature in a vast dark jungle who must welcome an unwanted guest.

Brandi (Trailer)

Digitally edited 16mm Film

Junior thesis film follows an aging fashion designer attempting to make a comeback. Haunted by the past, she attempts to push forward and achieve something new.

The Aviary (Trailer)

Digital video and 16mm film

The Aviary is a thesis film in which a queen by marriage must come to terms with her position when her husband, the King by birth, allows a mysterious and beautiful creature to stay in their palace. What is sacrificed for power? Who is really in control?