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This page lists 18 graduating RISD Apparel Design students. Apparel Design fosters an expansive creative practice rooted in embodied tactile materiality and ethical consciousness. The curriculum is founded on craftsmanship—technical skill building, detailing, gesture, aesthetic, and form that are responsive to individuals and contexts. Parallel to the material and visual expression of clothing, we invest in the emotional experience of clothing: how it makes the wearer feel, where it comes from, who it serves. As a representation of our identities, clothing is a multifaceted form of communication, inseparable from how we connect, move through, and act upon the world. It instigates dialogue with ourselves, with each other, with history, and with the future. Emphasizing ethical sourcing and production and longevity, the Apparel program wrestles with the significant environmental and inequitable social impact of the contemporary apparel industry, and works toward positive and sustainable change. As a challenge to the relentless cycle of fashion, we slow down, rethink, and reinvent.